Wesleyan Students

Wesleyan Students

The Carceral Connecticut Project is open to all Wesleyan students who are interested in learning more about the topics engaged in this initiative, including race, incarceration, violence, policing, notable jury trials, and the local histories of the Connecticut River Valley. We hope that it provides an opening into the humanities for those who haven’t previously dipped a toe! 

You can explore courses offered through the CCP. All these courses will build your ability to read difficult texts, grapple with contradictory interpretations, and communicate in a sophisticated way about some of the most urgent questions of our time. 

There will also be ample opportunities to get involved in archival research on a variety of topics and share your work with other scholars or the broader public. All the courses offered include an original research component and students may submit proposals for summer research experiences, mentored by faculty. See research by student Fellows.

You can work as a paid research assistant in the summer, conducting research on various aspects of the CCP project with faculty investigators, acquiring knowledge related to local and regional history, and learning skills in visual and digital storytelling as well as archival, visual and material culture research methods. A direct link that will bring you directly to the job posting on Handshake is here. The deadline for applications is April 14, 2022. Min: 30 hours/week; $15/hour. Any questions about the paid summer research opportunity can be directed to deudell@wesleyan.edu or jtucker@wesleyan.edu.